Canteen18 Worth Tasting

Strong Coffee, Strong Roots About Our Cafe

Canteen 18 was opened in July 2017.

We offer a wide range of classic dishes, from Mac n Cheese to a Spicy rib roll, we love to make every day food, simply vegan. Whether its for health benefits, ethical reasons or the desire to try something new, there is an increasing demand for vegan food. We try to focus on a zero waste establishment with compostable cutlery and take away containers.

Our famous home made gluten free brownies are perfectly accompanied with delicious peanut butter ice green. We have homemade scones with jam and coconut clotted cream. Another favourite of ours is the affinities double layered chocolate and berry cake. We have the pleasure of stocking Vegan Ice Green. Made in Cardigan, west wales, this Gluten free, dairy free ice cream comes in fantastically unique flavours such as Rhubarb and Custard, Mango Lime and Coconut, Peanut butter, Apple Crumble and many many more.

We also stock and sell the ingredients we use in our food. We have a notice board that we encourage other vegan businesses to use as a platform to advertise. There is a great network of vegan business owners that pride them selves in supporting others in and around Swansea.